Pfonr for iPhone

Pfonr has been designed for iPhone running iOS 9 or iOS 10. If you still have iOS 8 on your iPhone, we recommend you upgrade to iOS 9 or iOS 10.

Pfonr for Android

Pfonr is available on the Google Play store now. We recommend your phone should be running Android OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) or a later release.

General Information

Q. There are already so many mobile device Apps. Why should I use Pfonr - what makes it different?
A. Pfonr is a mobile device people-search technology that connects real people in real time to other Pfonr users around them and the opportunities that brings. Think of Pfonr as a simple augmented-reality people search working for you on your mobile phone.

Q. Can you give me an example of what I can do with Pfonr?
A. With Pfonr running on your phone, you can now assess your local networking environment and know at that moment in time, why others are there, or what their mood is, or whether they’re single or not before you approach them - it’s like having an extra sensory perception superpower.

Q. So can I use Pfonr for business or pleasure(social, dating) purposes or even both?
A. Yes, you can. We’ve made switching between your professional(business) profile, your personal(pleasure) profile or a combination of both in your life (business+pleasure) profile super-easy at the touch of a button. We designed Pfonr this way as we believe it realistically represents the changing real-life networking needs of anyone throughout the day.

Q. I’m a parent and concerned. Are there age restrictions to using Pfonr?
A. Yes - we are too! Pfonr is age appropriate. We are big on this and put appropriate age restrictions in place.

Q. Can I use Pfonr to manage both my personal and professional profiles?
A. Yes, we designed it with this in mind. You can manage both, all under a single account.

Q. Where and what situations do you recommend I use Pfonr?
A. You can only use Pfonr in Australia for now, but the ROTW is coming shortly. Pfonr goes with you everywhere - to any one-on-one meeting, any group-on-group meeting, any small networking event, any large event or conference, any city and any country.

Q. Can I use Pfonr everywhere at every networking and social function I attend?
A. Yes. Absolutely. Of course. We want you to do that! Take it with you everywhere to every event you attend where people come together to exchange information.

Q. Do I need to be LinkedIn connected or Facebook friends to use Pfonr?
A. No, you do not, as Pfonr is currently independent of existing social networking platforms. This might change in the future, but right now, we’re flying solo.

Q. Can strangers access my personal information through Pfonr?
A. No, they can’t. They can only see what you choose to display with your Pfonr profile, and what you show to the surrounding environment depends on what display mode you are in, business (professional information only), pleasure (limited personal information only), or life (a combination of business and pleasure information).

Q. Can I find out who is near me in a room or in an area?
A. Yes you can, providing that the Pfonr App is switched on and running on your mobile phone and on the mobile phones of others around you.

Q. I’m using Pfonr. But sometimes I just don’t want to be seen. Will I always be seen by others if Pfonr is on my phone?
A. No, if you do not wish to be seen, just kill the Pfonr App as you would kill all other Apps and hey presto - no-one should be able to see you any more. With Pfonr you are either using Pfonr so you can see others and be seen by others, or you are not in which case you see nothing and can’t be seen.

Q. With Pfonr, can I hide so that I am not seen by others, but I can still see who might be around me?
A. No. That’s creepy. It’s not allowed.

Q. With Pfonr, does my location get shown to others?
A. We understand the concerns and sensitivity over location data. So we’ve put in place a “safety-in-numbers” feature that ensures location pins are only placed on our map page when a Pfonr user has run a scan and found a minimum of 5 other Pfonr users. Unless this threshold is met, no user location pins should ever be shown.


Q. I’m a final year student looking for a job. Can Pfonr help me?
A. Yes as long as you’re using Pfonr, you can be seen by others around you, so you can be always advertising yourself, your major subject, and your college or university you’re attending and what you are looking for. Pfonr is especially useful at careers fairs where there are recruiters or potential employers looking to recruit graduates. If the recruiters and potential employers are using Pfonr to search for people, it’s only sensible to get Pfonr on your phone so that you can be found.

Q. Can Pfonr provide our business with greater brand awareness?
A. Yes, Pfonr can do this through multiple channels. Contact us at admin@pfonr.com to find out more.

Q. I’m frequently losing business cards and worse at organising them. Help?
A. We know this problem all too well. Just use Pfonr from now on and your business card problems should all be solved - just tell others about Pfonr and they can grab your details.

Q. I’m an executive and I dislike carrying pockets full of business cards.
A. Yes. So are we and so do we. Just use Pfonr from now on at every meeting or networking event you go to and your business card problems should all be solved - just tell others about Pfonr and they can grab your details.

Q. I’m a professional networker and I hate getting caught talking to the wrong person at an event. Can you improve my odds of talking to the right people at events?
A. Yes we can. Pfonr is a mobile-phone people search technology that lets your phone look around for you, giving you insight into your immediate surroundings. As a business professional networker, information you receive on people around you might be: who they are, what they look like, where they work and their role, and how close they are to you, and perhaps most importantly, why they are there and whom they are looking to meet. This key information is presented simply to give you the insight you need to decide who it is you need to approach or connect with in your local environment at that moment in time. What you do with the information and how you act upon it is up to you!

Q. I’m a final year student in college and don’t have business cards, and I’m reluctant to go print them - I’d rather spend the money on beer! Can Pfonr help me here?
A. Yes. Pfonr is especially useful for all final year students at colleges and universities. As long as you have a mobile phone running Pfonr, you also now have a digital business card that can go with you anywhere and can be captured by other mobile phones running Pfonr. Just remember to keep Pfonr running, as it goes with you everywhere to every event or meeting you attend. If anyone asks you if you have a business card, you don’t have to say “No” ever again. As long as you have Pfonr running on your phone, your answer should now be “Yeah baby! Scan me using Pfonr".


Q. Does Pfonr offer a corporate account covering all of our employees?
A. Yes, absolutely. Contact us at admin@pfonr.com to find out more.

Q. Does Pfonr offer capabilities to be used at events and conferences?
A. Yes, we do. Contact us at admin@pfonr.com to find out more.

Q. Does Pfonr enable employees to become better connected everywhere?
A. Yes, we think so. We designed Pfonr with this in mind. Once you’re connected, you can be connected with your teams from anywhere.

Q. Can Pfonr improve a company’s bottom line?
A. Yes, we believe so. Pfonr costs a fraction of the cost of corporate business cards, so your company should now spend less on business cards. You’re also showing more corporate, social and environmental responsibility. The trees and the planet will love you for it. So think of the trees!

Q. Can Pfonr improve employee time effectiveness and efficiency?
A. Yes, Pfonr takes a bunch of time-consuming tasks away from your employees, enabling them to concentrate on more important elements of their work.

Q. We all want newer business colleagues faster. Can Pfonr facilitate this?
A. Yes, Pfonr connects real people in real time to the opportunities around them. Pfonr has been designed by people for people to find the right people, and faster.

Q. As an employer, I’d like to brand and market our employees with our corporate logo so that anyone who sees them knows that they work for us - it’s a real selling point for us to leverage our brand everywhere and anywhere. And I know that some of our employees like it to be known publicly that they are associated with our corporate brand. Can Pfonr do this easily?
A. Sure. This is really easy to tell the world you are currently studying at Stanford or Oxford, or you work for a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, it’s all done by displaying to others the college or corporate logo alongside your facial picture. To ensure that others can see the college or corporate logo, just check out our in-app purchases. Once you sign up, the magical branding and marketing happens automatically.


Q. With Pfonr, can I work out the availability of people around me in a bar?
A. Yes, providing people are on Pfonr and have the App turned on and they consent to displaying that kind of information by being in pleasure mode or life mode.

Q. Can I really tell what the people (other Pfonr Users) around me are thinking?
A. Yes, because Pfonr users advertise their mood or the reason they are there to their surrounding environment, Pfonr effectively gives you as a Pfonr user extrasensory perception through the technology on your mobile phone. Cool, huh? You’re welcome.

Q. Don’t judge me, but I’m into Astrological matching to find a boyfriend. And a lot of my friends are too. Does Pfonr cater for that?
A. Yes, we do. Many people believe in that aspect of dating. So we’ve catered for it. Try and see if it works for you. Oh, and we don’t show your birth date or year. That’s best kept private.

Q. I’m tired of meeting douchebags, can Pfonr help me in a social / dating sense?
A. Yes, maybe it might, but only if the people you’re meeting in bars, cafes, clubs, college etc. are using Pfonr. If they are, then you’ll at least have an idea of who might be around you, and why they are there. Hopefully, it will enable you to make a more informed choice. Good luck in your search!